17: Jason Telford on the Idaho-Maryland Mine

April 30, 2023 Geoff Eido
17: Jason Telford on the Idaho-Maryland Mine
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Show Notes

Welcome to Lunacy; where we discern the sacred from the insane and admit that whether we like it or not, we are all profoundly affected by the cycles of the moon. 

Today on the show, we’re talking with Jason Telford about the Idaho Maryland Mine proposal in Grass Valley. Jason is a local resident who works for Patagonia and is a member of the Patagonia community grants council. This episode is about more than just the mine in Grass valley, it’s about sustainability and environmental crises everywhere.

Stay updated on local efforts, petitions, the public hearing, and more at:

Make your voice heard by sending an email to:

if you're a local resident, please show up to the Planning Commission meeting on May 10th at 9:00 am 

950 Maidu Avenue, Suite 170

PO Box 599002

Nevada City, CA 95959-790

Some episode corrections:

  • The Vjosa River is in Albania, not Romania.

  • The “good ol’ mining days” were in the 1840’s, not 1949. 

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I’m Geoff Eido. Join me each week for interviews and insights intended to shine a light on the darkness, like the full moon in the forest. 

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