20: Moon Magic and the Mystery of the Muse with Marya Stark

May 21, 2023 Geoff Eido
20: Moon Magic and the Mystery of the Muse with Marya Stark
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Show Notes

Welcome to Lunacy; where we discern the sacred from the insane and admit that whether we like it or not, we are all profoundly affected by the cycles of the moon. 

Today on the podcast, I welcome Marya Stark, a multifaceted creator, musician, and teacher.  Join us for a moon-filled episode diving into the realm of music, creation, and of course, the love-based operating system. Marya treats us to a special guided “toning” practice, demonstrating how the voice can be a powerful tool to ground ourselves into our bodies and access our inner magic. 

Marya’s album “Weightless” will be releasing in August or September. Stay tuned!

Her latest release “Cloudburst” is out as of this Friday, and it is pure magic.

Stay up to date on Marya’s creations by following her on Instagram:


To enter the portal into Marya’s world of creation, her Temple of the Muse school, and so much more, visit her website:

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I’m Geoff Eido. Join me each week for interviews and insights intended to shine a light on the darkness, like the full moon in the forest. 

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