22: The Criticality of Self-Protection with Christopher Hicks

June 04, 2023 Geoff Eido
22: The Criticality of Self-Protection with Christopher Hicks
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Show Notes

Welcome to Lunacy; where we discern the sacred from the insane and admit that whether we like it or not, we are all profoundly affected by the cycles of the moon. 

Today on the podcast, I welcome my good friend, Christopher Hicks. Christopher is a self-defense expert that I met while studying at the  Santa Monica Zen Center. In this episode, we talk about the importance of knowing how to protect yourself,  how self-defense is a function of the Love Operating System, the difference between reaction and response, and much more.

Included, we honor our dear friend, mentor, and teacher, Richard Machowicz, who served his country honorably, and taught so many of us lessons we will never forget.  Much Love Mack!

Visit Chris’s website to learn more about his Self-Protection System that gives you the understanding of when, how and what to do when you find yourself facing a violent and dangerous situation.

I welcome your thoughts on this episode! Comment on Youtube or find me on Instagram!

I’m Geoff Eido. Join me each week for interviews and insights intended to shine a light on the darkness, like the full moon in the forest. 

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